2019. 11. 05 ~ 2020. 01. 05
2019.11.05 ~ 2020.01.05
Min Family's House
Any age

Exhibition Overview

The theme of the 2019 Namsangol Hanok Village exhibition project is “hang.”

The theme, seemingly irrelevant to Hanok, may raise some to question the relationship, but actually has a lot of relevancy when contemplated. Recollect Hanoks in historical soap operas or movies. The images of blocks of fermented soybeans hanging in the kitchen, persimmons hung on the eaves to dry, and lucky bags on the gate will come to your mind.Now, please pay attention to the exhibited pieces. The scenery of the eaves, scrolls hanging on the wall in a room, the lamp lighting the wooden floor, and Hanbok covering the yard. Various things are hung here and there throughout the Hanok village, creating a peculiar harmony with the houses. The objects have always been in the Hanok since long ago, despite the forms having changed a little. Therefore, this project is not to show new works in the Hanok, but to guide a new perspective in seeing them. Take a close look around the Hanok village to see what objects are there. Do not be concerned over whether a particular object is a pie

ce of art or not. Every hanging thing in the Hanok village can become an art piece. See the various pieces and the Hanoks in your own perspectives, and enjoy.


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