2020. 11. 30 ~ 2020. 12. 31
1 hour
Let’s Get Together, Animal Crossing “Namsangol Island” / Online Performance : Namsangol Hanok Village Youtube
Any Age
1st Teaser Video
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About the Exhibition

<Loading, Loading, Loading, Connect> is an interactive, non-face-to-face exhibition on the contemporary discourse on communication in the digital age using the game “Animal Crossing” to recreate “Namsangol Hanok Village” into a virtual “Namsangol Island.” The hero, a cyber spirit created with fragments of data, wants to escape an environment that he has never experienced before. But as he tries to escape, he finds himself adjusting to the different environment and learns that it may be possible to communicate with others. Visitors will also learn how to adapt to the new environment, find themselves learning how to communicate, and experience how to form relationships in cyberspace.

Zerogram : Bumgyun Shin, Hayoung Bae, Haeun Song

Zerogram, an artistic community of 3 (Bumgyun Shin, Hayoung Bae, Haeun Song), is focused on how to engage in relationships and behaviors in the digital age. The world of Zerogram’s works utilizes kitsch visuals and begins with visual metaphors of reality. But on the web and in virtual spaces, the stories of the artists and the audience are continuously reproduced. In the end, the virtual world becomes a wholly different dimension of reality in itself.

Show Information

Created by of fragments of data, a cyber spirit floats around the internet world. One day, the cyber spirit comes across a mysterious address and falls into the strange “Namsangol Island.” To escape and return to being data fragments, the cyber spirit takes on missions according to the legends of “Namsangol,” with the help of many others… Alas, will he be able to escape “Namsangol Island?” And will it be possible to return to being fragments of data?

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