2021. 03. 16 ~ 2021. 11. 20
Main program Sub-program Fee (won) Details
Hanbok and Traditional Etiquette Experience

- Aged 5 and older
- Tuesday ~ Sunday
(offline) wearing Hanbok and  Traditional Etiquette  Experience
15,000  You will learn the parts of Hanbok (Korean traditional dress) and how to wear it.
(offline)  Scratchback making and Traditional Etiquette  Experience
Korean Traditional Knots

- Aged 7 and older
- Tuesday ~ Friday
(offline, online)  Bracelet using Habjang knot
6,000 You will learn  how to tie Habjang knot that means origins  and dragonfly knot that means wishes.
(offline) Baesi headband using Habjang knot

(offline, online)  Norigae using wing knot
(online) Dragonfly knot magnet
Tea Ceremony Experience

- Aged 5 and older
- Tuesday ~ Friday
(offline) Tea ceremony experience 10,000 You will experience Korean tea and dasik (traditional pressed sweets) and learn tea etiquette.
Rice Cake Making

- Aged 5 and older
- Tuesday ~ Friday
(offline) rice cake making experience 12,000 You will make “Ggotsanbyung“, beautiful Korean rice cake.
Hanok (Korean traditional house) Miniature Making

- Aged 11 and older
- Friday ~ Sunday
(offline) Hanok making
10,000 You will make  miniature Gaoks (Korean traditional houses) placed in Namsangol village and learn structures of them.
(offline)  Ondol (Korean floor heating system) making 10,000
(offline) 3D Namsangol Hanok making 10,000
(online) Namsangol hanok village front door 8,000
(online) Separate house of Min family
(online) Sarangchae of Min family 24,000
(online) Anchae of Lee Seung-Up House 30,000
Archery Experience

- Aged 5 and older
- Friday ~ Sunday
(offline) Korean Jik bow
7,000 You will learn the characteristics of Korean bows and Korean archery culture using bamboo.
(offline, online) Korean recurve bow 
(offline, online)
Korean horn bow
Traditional Korean Games

- Aged 6 and older
- Friday ~ Sunday
(offline) Fly pretty rubber shoes 15,000 You will experience traditional Korean games and  seasonal customs.
(offline) Korean top spinning and Gonu game 10,000
(offline)Mini weaving and Gonu game 15,000
(online) portable Yut Nori 10,000
(online) Making a Korean top spinning (Paengi) 8,000
(online) Tradition board game – Honjagonu 13,000
(online) Traditional games: assorted gifts 22,000
Joseon Dynasty Warriors

- Aged 7 and older
- Friday ~ Sunday
(offline)  find the culprit with Damo 15,000 You will learn how to use traditional weapons at the house of the military officer, Chunyoung Kim and  find the culprit.
Dancheong (Spiritual Colors of Korea) Painting

- Aged 8 and older
(online) comb 19,000 You will learn Korean traditional designs and increase your understanding of traditional cultures through Dancheong crafts.
(online) mask hanger 19,000
(online) tea saucer 19,000
Natural Soap Making

- Aged 4 and older
(online)  Rice cake soapmaking 12,000 You will make a soap using natural powers  and hands.
* Online Traditional Experience Kit will be available on Naver Shopping from March 16th (Tuesday).
* On-site reservation is available on Naver from April 6th (Tuesday) and program will begin on April 16th (Friday).
(If there are remaining tickets, you can participate after paying at the ticket office.)

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