2021. 04. 13 ~ 2021. 10. 31
10 am ~ 5 pm (Lunch Time : 12 pm ~ 1 pm)
30 mins
Min Family’s House Sarang Chae
10 people
Aged 5 and older
10,000 KRW
※ Tea Ceremony Experience will be held on Tuesday - Friday.
You will experience Korean tea and dasik (traditional pressed sweets) and learn tea etiquette.

* Program Details
Tea Ceremony Experience 10,000 KRW

※ Reservation is available on Naver from April 6th (Tuesday) and program will begin on April 13th (Tuesday).
※ It is not possible to reserve a group of more than 10 people according to the Covid-19 distance guidelines.
※ Please understand that you can't drink according to the Covid-19 distance guidelines.

* Reservations are closed a day in advance. On-site tickets are only available for the remaining seats.
* It will take at least 1 to 2 days to confirm the reservation.
* Cancellation of reservation on the day is not possible.
* Please arrive 10 minutes before the experience begins. If you do not attend after booking, there may be disadvantages in your future booking.
* Cancellation may be made without prior notice in accordance with the Covid-19 distance guidelines.
* This experience program follows the Covid-19 distance guidelines.

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